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Hire the Right Professional to Install Your Phone System

Who Will Install Your Phone System? Businesses can’t afford to project the wrong image to customers, so why cut corners when installing phone systems? A company cannot install a new phone system without the right training, tools, and equipment, so you should carefully select your phone installers. Customers and prospects go through your phone system to get to your company, so you need to project a professional image. To communicate a high level of competence and expertise, your should avoid amateur phone services or ... Read more

Business Phone System Considerations – So Many Choices…

Streamline Your Business Operations with a Great Phone System One of the best things that a growing business can invest in is a business phone system. These advanced systems are created specifically for keeping everyone in the business connected with vendors, suppliers, and valued clients by way of a high-speed internet connection. Always Stay Connected with the Office These days, many office based workplaces offer their employees the freedom to work remotely from their homes from time to time. This is very helpful when ... Read more

Mokan Means Maximum Momentum

Mokan Means Maximum Momentum Mokan Communication is proud to be a leader in the telecommunications industry with over 17 years of success building relationships based on skill, service, integrity, and momentum. Momentum is defined as: “force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events.” In today’s competitive atmosphere, if you’re not moving forward, you’re going to be passed by the competition. Your communications are vital, and they have to be fast, glitch-free and they must evolve with ... Read more

The Benefits Of VoIP Phone Service Over A Traditional Phone

Traditional service is far more expensive than VoIP plans, and traditional plans provide fewer features and services for more money. Mokan Communications offers business telephone systems for offices of any size, and we provide assistance and support for the transition from traditional telephone to digital. VoIP phone and traditional systems are similar in many ways, but only with VoIP can users make multiple calls on the same line at the same time. New technology changes processes, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is ... Read more

Three Reasons Why Business VoIP Phone Systems Is the Best Choice

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is hardware that allows you to have a phone line that is housed on an Internet Protocol network. If you are confused or uncertain why Business VoIP Phone Systems are such a great solution, then you are not alone. At Mokan Communications Supply, we don’t just install business VoIP phone systems. We help educate consumers about the benefits and features of this technology. In many ways, VoIP was tailor-made for small business and home office use.   Our business telephone ... Read more

Talk to Your Office Network Installers like a Champ

An office network installation can be a very complex task requiring network design, planning, and configuration. Bringing in dependable office network installers frees you from the complexity of it all so you can focus on more important things, like managing and growing your business. If you ever find yourself wanting to have a conversation with your phone installers, however, here’s a quick reference guide to help you sound like one of them. Feasibility Studies Feasibility studies are an essential first step in determining ... Read more

Go Big, Go Global And Stay Home

Big or small, a business can’t survive without a reliable telecom system to keep lines of communication open between partners, customers, and employees. While traditional communication models such as phone calls, text and email messages will always be in style, you can enhance the appearance of your small business from a local operation to one with worldwide capabilities. Check out how some companies are using new (and one old) technology to stay within their business space but look like they operate ... Read more

Six Ways to Boost Business Productivity with a Telecom or Office Phone System

In a world where companies are looking for more efficient, cost-effective ways of doing things, the words “time” and “money” are becoming frequently interchangeable terms. Keeping your business ahead of the demands of your clients can best be achieved by maximizing the productivity of your team. Here are six tips to help you be more successful. 1. Give your team a handy (that’s German for a cell phone). Quoting the 2014 Mobile Productivity Survey conducted by Azzurri Communications, Darren Allan writes for ... Read more

Which Office Phone System Is Best for Your Business – Voice Over IP, Cloud-based VoIP or Landlines?

Whether you’re a small business or a growing mid-sized operation, the right business phone system is crucial to both present a professional image and to ensure customers can always reach your team. Knowing which phone system is right for you, will depend on your organization’s size, how many extensions you’ll need, how often you’ll be adding new employees, and the size of your budget. Many phone systems are available to fit just about any budget, but you’ll most likely choose a ... Read more

Doing Big Business with an Avaya Telephone System

Avaya is a popular business telephone system that Mokan Communications phone installers often implement for customers. Avaya has built a reputation as the go-to provider for creating a unified communications network for small and mid-sized businesses, government organizations, and large corporations worldwide. Avaya’s website shares stories of how it has helped a variety of businesses with their network communication needs. Here are a few examples of how the Avaya telephone system works for companies, with even the most geographically fragmented team of ... Read more
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