Business Phone System Considerations – So Many Choices…

Streamline Your Business Operations with a Great Phone System

One of the best things that a growing business can invest in is a business phone system. These advanced systems are created specifically for keeping everyone in the business connected with vendors, suppliers, and valued clients by way of a high-speed internet connection.

Mokan VoIP System

Always Stay Connected with the Office

These days, many office based workplaces offer their employees the freedom to work remotely from their homes from time to time. This is very helpful when there is severe weather or a parent has to stay home with a sick child. Business phone systems are a great way for employers to connect their employees to the office, even when they are physically away from their desk. Calling features such as “Find Me/Follow Me” forward incoming phone calls directly to the person, giving them the ability to answer the call remotely from their company-issued cell phone, their personal cell phone or their home LAN line.

Integrate Remote Workers with Your Company

Remote extensions make it possible for business owners that use services like remote call centers to direct incoming phone calls straight to the answering service. By doing this, customers can speak with a live person during or after regularly scheduled business hours. By making this professional business decision, you will be able to greatly increase customer satisfaction.

Incorporate Multiple Offices into One Centralized Phone System

When your business has multiple offices, business phone systems are the best way to keep your phones centralized. Instead of having multiple phone numbers for every branch office, this type of phone system allows you to use one primary phone number that can then be routed internally when someone calls your business. By simplifying your customers experience, you are avoiding confusion. This is especially the case for businesses that could confuse their customers by having multiple published phone numbers and the clients not knowing which one is the number they should call for help.

Voicemail Delivered as Email

If you are away from your desk, it might be more convenient for you to read an Email than to call to collect a voicemail from the office. When you have a professional business phone system in your office, you have the luxury of getting all of your voicemail messages translated into an Email message. You will quickly and easily be able to get your messages without making a phone call to retrieve them. This makes it easier for you to contact the person that called you, since all of their contact information is available on your phone. If you get free moment you are able to quickly call them back at your leisure.

All of this keeps your business running optimally.