Go Big, Go Global And Stay Home

Big or small, a business can’t survive without a reliable telecom system to keep lines of communication open between partners, customers, and employees. While traditional communication models such as phone calls, text and email messages will always be in style, you can enhance the appearance of your small business from a local operation to one with worldwide capabilities. Check out how some companies are using new (and one old) technology to stay within their business space but look like they operate globally.

Instant Messaging
Writing for Forbes.com, Howard Baldwin shares how an old technology like instant messaging is being repositioned as an asset in the corporate world. No longer a form of personal interaction between friends, companies are now using IM to communicate with their teams. Leaving voice messages for a team member away from his desk is no longer necessary as the IM will be waiting for him to immediately see and take action upon his return. IMs also leave a message trail that can help clarify any miscommunications.

Cloud-Based VoIP
VoIP has given small companies who wanted a business phone system with landline capabilities but without the prohibitive pricing and office network installers necessary to set up complex telecom systems a chance to look big. In recent years, that same VoIP technology has moved to the cloud, allowing small businesses to now be able to appear global.

Cloud-based VoIPs now allows companies to have employees all over the world while maintaining one company telephone number to reach the entire team. A cloud-based system such as Avaya telephone system’s AvayaLive Connect offers businesses one flat rate to keep your team members connected.

Your customers dial one number, whether an 800 number or a local number and are greeted with a personalized auto-attendant. They can then either search by name on the company directory or dial an extension that will connect them to your team members wherever in the world they may be.

Video Conferencing
When you’re in Switzerland personally handling an important client, but you’re needed for a very important team meeting, video conferencing is your best alternative to flying from one continent to another just to attend a two hour meeting.

The high speed connectivity provided by your telecom system allows real-time video conferencing with your employees, vendors, and your customers. Conduct product launches, investor briefings, employee training and CEO presentations all from the comfort and convenience of your office.

And with a Virtual Meeting Room (another benefit of having an Avaya telephone system as part of your telecom set-up), you can join the video conference anywhere your tablet or mobile device goes.

Virtual Private Network
A virtual private network, or VPN, provides safe, remote access for employees working outside the office to securely access the corporate network without being inside the building. This is a must for team members to retrieve files from shared folders, use network based applications or even send print jobs to office printers — all while being on the road.

VPN’s are yet another technological advancement that allows your team members to stay on track, regardless of wherever in the world they may be. Mokan Communications will provide the service you need, find out more about our Telecom Services.