Six Ways to Boost Business Productivity with a Telecom or Office Phone System

In a world where companies are looking for more efficient, cost-effective ways of doing things, the words “time” and “money” are becoming frequently interchangeable terms. Keeping your business ahead of the demands of your clients can best be achieved by maximizing the productivity of your team. Here are six tips to help you be more successful.

1. Give your team a handy (that’s German for a cell phone).
Quoting the 2014 Mobile Productivity Survey conducted by Azzurri Communications, Darren Allan writes for that 93 percent of survey respondents saw staff productivity increase when they were given mobile phones. These team members turned to their cell phones to send and receive email while on the road and retrieve customer and company information. Just because your team members aren’t in the office doesn’t mean they can’t get work done.

2. “Follow” your team anytime, anywhere.
Now that your team members have their own company cell phones, set up your business phone system to allow one number to reach any member of your team at any time – whether in the office, in their home office or on their cells. Going with a service such as Avaya telephone system’s Voice over IP  solutions makes this possible with their Find Me/Follow Me feature. Eliminate missed calls as every number on your team member’s contact list is called, and avoid any risk of project delays.

3. Exchange expensive travel for virtual meetings.
Save your budget and travel time by conducting meetings through video conferencing. Host corporate training sessions, new business presentations, investor briefings and more without leaving the comfort of your desk. And with worldwide participants having varied schedules, a video conference will require everyone to stay focused on the pre-planned agenda and keep time in check.

4. Call your clients with a click.
CRM programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce are powerful tools to help your team manage your customer relationships. With the right business phone system, those same tools become even more powerful as they integrate into your VoIP system for easy access. Need to call a customer? Open Salesforce and click on the number to be immediately connected.

5. Check only one place for that missing sales report.
When office network installers set up your telecom systems, make sure a unified messaging solution is part of your plan – another feature of having an Avaya telephone system. With their Avaya Aura® Messaging, emails, voicemails and faxes are stored in one central location. Don’t waste time (or money) trying to figure if those sales figures were quoted in an email, fax or left in a voicemail. Check all three from the convenience of a single dashboard.

6. Really save money.
Your phone installers aren’t just setting up your networked business phone systems; they’re also saving you money by allowing your team to cut back on their overall mobile-to-mobile calls. Encourage your team members to leverage your Wi-Fi network to make cell phone calls — especially when those calls are international — and see your corporate cell phone bill significantly reduced.

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