Doing Big Business with an Avaya Telephone System

Avaya is a popular business telephone system that Mokan Communications phone installers often implement for customers. Avaya has built a reputation as the go-to provider for creating a unified communications network for small and mid-sized businesses, government organizations, and large corporations worldwide.

Avaya’s website shares stories of how it has helped a variety of businesses with their network communication needs. Here are a few examples of how the Avaya telephone system works for companies, with even the most geographically fragmented team of employees.

Four Countries, Two Continents and a Team Always on the Road
For The Agency Group — a talent booking agency with 160 employees across two continents and a talent pool of over 1500 artists– Avaya’s IP office created cost-effective, seamless communications between the Group’s North American offices and their European offices.

Conference calls and long distance calls are handled at a fraction of the cost of other business phone systems. Agents can always be reached — whether they are on the road with an artist or working on a new opportunity inside the office. Avaya also allows agents to use both cell phones and laptops to participate in conference calls without paying international rates.

Bringing the 1800s into the 21st Century
Opening Prairie Street Brewhouse in Rockford, Illinois was a monumental task requiring the complete overhaul of a brewery complex, first built in 1849. Formerly home to a series of industrial businesses, the location has since been converted to a mixed use development of apartment lofts, offices and retail space. With a newly redesigned look came the necessity for equally modern state-of-the-art technology.

Prairie Street Brewhouse was turned into a smart building foundation with integrated voice, video and networking solutions. Avaya wireless LAN lines provide Wi-Fi access to anyone in the building, while also giving power and high speed performance to the property’s 70 high definition security cameras. Security teams can monitor the property from any device with internet access.

A “Cake Boss” Expands
Ever since Carlo’s Bakery appeared on the TLC hit show “Cake Boss”, their phones have been ringing nonstop and lines regularly form around the block as customers can’t get enough of the bakery’s goods. Needless to say, Carlo’s Bakery quickly outgrew its six telephone lines and needed a new solution to avoid losing out on thousands of dollars incoming customer orders.

Avaya phone installers stepped in to upgrade Carlo’s Bakery to a state-of-the-art customer telephone experience with a stronger communication infrastructure. All existing locations received a new hi-speed Avaya network, assuring a dependable Wi-Fi connection to take orders and payments from waiting customers using a mobile tablet.

And because Carlo’s Bakery’s popularity continues to grow, Avaya set up their system to automatically support the bakery’s continued success. With Avaya’s telephone system, Carlo’s Bakery can go from its current 400 employees to upwards of 2,000 without needing new equipment.

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